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Since 2009 (10 years)


10 years of manufacturing and marketing experience, and continuously growing in health, beauty and wellness conscious market. 

Support with R&D


 Get the best, certified, highly quality herbs with scientific research


Supporting the Goodness of Healthy Living


we offer the best options at enhancing lives by helping and guiding people to tailor their everyday routines to suit a better, healthier and more balanced lifestyle. 

Our Main Product

Esulix with Cordyceps herbal medicine for diabetes


Quality & Credibility  

Breakthrough extraction technology 

Clinically studied 

100% herbal based - 


No Know Side Effects 

Ministy of Health approval KKM - MAL approval Since 2009 

benefits to more than 50,000 patients 

Main function


 Cell & Pancreas

Increase blood glucose usage and reduce blood triglycerides

Increase cell sensitivity towards Insulin

​increase insulin production and make cell more active

Reduce HbA1c Level thus prevent onset of other complication sickness

Other advantage


 Body Energetic

Reduce fatigue, body more energetic, active and healthy

Multi Functions

Reduce cholesterol & triglycerides

good for 'men health' problem with impotent

promote batter blood circulation

Overview Cases

Result analysis by the Doctor in selected Hospital

HbA1c Analysis


Benefits of Cordyceps

Cordyceps mushroom is a top Chinese medicinal tonic commonly used as a physical energy restorative and well known for its revitalizing effects on the sex glands and reproductive system. It is considered a potent aphrodisiac and a top superfood for increasing one's sex drive. The extracts and tea infustions are especially strengthening to the lung and kidney systems. 


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